**********Public Notice**********


The City website is designed and provided to make information easily accessible to the public.  The Mayor, City Council, and Administration want the residents of our city to know what is going on, and wish to assure you we are being open and transparent.
The eventual goal of this site is to provide agendas, minutes,  ordinances, budget, the history, and much more available to the public through the website.
Making these documents public and readily accessible helps to prevent information from being distorted, and ensures you know we are not hiding anything from you.

Pay Water Bill (No Fees):Click Here 


Steve Parker was our winner of the raffle picture!!  Thank you to everyone for your time and contributions!!



Christmas with Santa

Will be on December 17th from 6-9 PM!!

There will be punch, cookies, and cupcakes.



The 2016 Toys for Tots

It’s time to come and fill out your child’s application for toys!

You can pick up the application from City Hall during normal business hours!!